Our vision is to create a national center of excellence in healthy aging by providing a coordinated focus for research and practice on strategies for understanding and promoting successful aging.  In contrast to other aging and long-term care initiatives, our primary focus is on social, behavioral and environmental factors across the full spectrum of the older population.

Our key mission statements are to:

  • Identify social, behavioral, and environmental determinants for health and illness in older populations
  • Understand factors associated with optimal self-management and living independently with chronic illnesses and disabilities later in life
  • Design and evaluate multi-level interventions to promote health, prevent disease, postpone disability in older adults, and create more age-friendly environments
  • Examine program dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs for seniors.


  • Identify research problems and associated factors affecting the lives of older Americans
  • Test and disseminate best practices on innovative programs and healthy environments for older adults
  • Build coalitions with community, state and national partners who can help identify problems and serve as partners in addressing the needs of older adults
  • Conduct interdisciplinary programs of gerontological education and practice
  • Serve as a Center for Excellence and dissemination unit for best practices on health promotion in older population