The Texas A&M Center for Population Health and Aging (CPHA) invites you to join us for our first annual Active for Life® Health & Wellness Conference. Participants will learn about innovative solutions to age-related issues and receive guidance from aging experts representing community-based organizations, health care organizations, government agencies, and higher education.  

Our conference will provide a forum for multidisciplinary professionals to come together to enhance knowledge and skills related to improving the quality of life of older adults and their families. Professionals from healthcare, long-term care, social services, educational and research institutions, business, and government will have the opportunity to network and share resources supporting older adults and their caregivers.

  • When: April 26 & 27, 2018 (Registration begins at 10:00am)
  • Where: Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 Equine Complex, 3240 F and B Rd, College Station, TX 77843

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! Please note registration fee is non-refundable.

Conference Focal Areas

What if Healthy Aging was the New Normal?
Awareness Raising.  Conference sections will aim to raise awareness about issues facing older adults and the communities in which they live. Potential solutions and unique strategies will be highlighted to address the social, physical, and emotional burdens of chronic conditions; skyrocketing healthcare costs; and the aging workforce.  Models of success will be described to inform attendees how to successfully bridge the aging services network with public and private healthcare to make healthy aging the ‘new normal.’

Active for Life: Every One, Every Age, Every Day!
Programming and Resources. Panelists and thematic sessions will educate attendees about evidence-based programs (EBP) and provide innovative approaches for program implementation and dissemination.  EBPs of interest include those related to disease self-management, fall prevention, physical activity, and caregiving/mental health.  Thematic topics will include participant recruitment, organization adoption, inter-agency referrals, facilitator trainings, fidelity monitoring, program bundling, scalability, and sustainability.

Clinical-Community Collaboration (C3)
Integration.  Because health occurs within and external to the clinical setting, efforts are needed to embed EBP in clinical settings and establish seamless referral systems for patients to enroll in community-delivered EBP.  Conference presenters will discuss strategies for creating clinical-community partnerships, developing referral systems, developing data collection and data sharing protocols, and identifying return on investment for sustainable financial arrangements. 


The two-day conference schedule includes:

  • General sessions with dynamic keynote speakers
  • Interactive thematic sessions
  • Panel sessions led by national and local experts 
  • Lunch and breaks to refuel and network with conference attendees
  • Exhibits and booths providing information, resources and door prizes
  • Planned networking activities