aging well

Our Workshops

The Active for Life® program facilitates the implementation and expansion of evidence-based health and wellness workshops that empower adults to actively manage their conditions and take the steps necessary to live healthy and fulfilling lives. Our workshops have been highly researched and proven to be effective in a community setting and provide better health, better health care, and reduced health-related costs. 

Fall Risk Reduction

Practical coping strategies to reduce the fear of falling and improve activity levels in older adults. 

Improves arthritis symptoms and promotes an active lifestyle through physical activity and behavior modifications.

Chronic Condition Management

Chronic Disease Self-Management Program - Discover better nutritional and exercise choices, understand decision making processes and leran how to get a good nights sleep. 

Diabetes Self-Management Program - Find practical ways to deal with symptoms of diabetes, including fatigue, pain, hyper/hypoglycemia, stress, and difficult emotions. 

Designed for patients who are out of active treatment for any form of cancer and their family or support person.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program - Helps participants and their support person deal with the ongoing issues associated with chronic pain. 

Caregiving & Mediciation Management

Stress Busting for Family Caregivers - Provides support to family caregivers of persons with cancer, Alzheimer's/dementia, chronic disease, illness or a disability. 

Addresses medication safety among older adults by connecting homecare and other community-based services to health care providers. 

Other Workshops

Learn to implement fitness and nutrition techniques without the need for fancy gear, health clubs, or payments - just a fun, practical guide to feeling great.

New Workshop - Our self-management classes explain how diabetes affects the body and what behavior and lifestyle changes can help keep it under control. Health educators who specialize in diabetes teach what diabetes is, how to monitor blood glucose, proper nutrition, exercise, medications, goal setting and stress management.