Information for Attendees

Exercise...designed for you! Fit & Strong!TM is an award-winning, evidence-based physical activity and behavioral program developed by the University of Illinois at Chicago Center for Research on Healthy Aging, proven to improve arthritis symptoms and promote an active lifestyle.

This 8-week program includes:

  • 90 minute sessions consisting of exercise and group discussions.
  • Low-impact aerobics, strength exercises, flexibility, and balance training.
  • Group discussions focused on exercise safety, arthritis management, and more.

Information for Hosts

Target Population

  • Sedentary
  • Have lower extremity joint pain and stiffness
  • Have other lower extremity mobility challenges
*however, all ages welcome

Program Length

  • 24 total sessions
  • (8 weeks)
  • 3 days each week
  • 90-minutes sessions

Cost Estimates

  • License Fee* ($2000)
  • Site Fee* ($400/site)
  • Ankle Weights (28.44 ea.)
  • Exercise bands ($9.25 ea)
  • Participant Manuals ($35 ea)
  • CD Player ($25)
  • CDs ($20)
  • Participant Packets & Paperwork ($100/class)
*License and site fee covered by Texas A&M EBP in the nine county RHP 17 region

Other Requirements

  • 8-14 participants
  • space for movement
  • tables and chairs
  • ADA accessible
  • flip Charts/stand
  • TV/DVD player
  • Participant workbooks

Program Components

A Multiple component Program with:

  • 60 minutes of exercise (warm-up, aerobic, strength, balance, and flexibility)
  • A group problem solving (additional 30 minutes) helps to increase participants’ confidence in their ability to exercise safely and maintain physical activity over time

Negotiated Adherence Contract (begins week 6) is completed by participants with instructor outside of class, is an individualized, tailored exercise plan to be continued by participant when the program ends

Program Outcomes

  • Increased comfort talking about fear of falling
  • Increased comfort increasing activity
  • Interest in exercise continuance
  • Interest in recommending program (participants)